Friday, November 11, 2016

Cars, Cars, Cars

Like many young men, my dad loved cars. Maybe his passion for a snazzy car waned as he grew older, for I don't really remember him saying much about cars while I was growing up. I didn't realize how much he liked cars until I started this research. Reading his answers to questions about his life, I found a list he made of cars he had owned. How could he remember all that if he wasn't interested in cars?

Here's his list:
"1932 Chevy coupe [his first car], 1936 Chevy 2 door, 1937 Chevy 4 door, 1939 Plymouth coupe, 1941 Oldsmobile, 1949 Chevy, 1952 Chevy, 1956 Ford, 1961 Chevy."

In going through his old photos, I found numerous pictures of cars. They seemed to make nice props for photos. Maybe you can help identify the make and year of the cars because, unless it was written on the back of the photo, I have no clue. Enjoy!

Clint Troutman family, Mary at the wheel with their Model T.
This is the 1932 Chevy coupe; it's written on back.
These first three photos were taken in Nebraska.

Verne behind the wheel of '32 Chevy coupe.

Uncle Jim, Aunt Susie, Frances, and car in Virginia, c. 1930-32.

Kenneth DeBord and car in Virginia, c. 1938.
Cousins, Kenneth DeBord & Olivene Pratt, Virginia.
This one is much later, but I think it's one of the cars listed above, maybe the 1949 Chevy. Based on the size of my baby sister peeking out the window, I'd say that's about the time this photo was taken--in Nebraska, again.
Verne and daughter on farm, Wayne County, Ne.
Dad loved to drive. Some of my favorite memories with him are Sunday afternoon drives and cross country vacations. Although I didn't get his interest in car makes and models--I cannot list the cars I've had, only their color--I did get his love of driving.

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