Friday, April 22, 2016

Winside High School, 1932 and 1933

Just a few photos today from Winside High School and a correction on last week's blog. My father, Verne Troutman and his sister Virginia did not graduate the same year, as I stated last week. Verne's year was 1932, and Virginia's was 1933. Thanks to my cousin Lee Nelsen for sending a few gems from his mother Virginia's collection.

Wouldn't it be fun to see the play for this play bill when Neville, James, and Virginia were part of the cast? Winside High School, as small as it was, had drama clubs and plays and many opportunities for students to excel.
Verne's commencement folder and graduation photo:
Verne Troutman, high school graduation, 1932.
And Virginia's:

Virginia's high school graduation photo, 1933.
 Then here's the yell book. Would our cheerleaders use these today?
A page from the Winside High School Yell Book.
Winside was a busy little town in those days and the high school was an integral part of the community. More on Wiside next week.

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