Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Descendants of Eli and Rachel Waggoner: Short version

Why so much attention to my grandmother Mary Ann Waggoner’s family? Growing up, I learned a lot about the Troutman family from my dad, but after Dad was gone, I realized I didn’t know much about his mother’s family. The little I knew, I’ve shared in the stories so far. I wish I knew the exact date the Waggoner’s left Virginia, but I don’t. I believe they left in 1909 for two reasons: (1) Mary received her teaching certificate in Virginia in 1907, and she taught a year or so in Rich Valley, then she left with her family for Missouri. (2) I can’t imagine Grandpa Clint staying behind in Virginia for  long after she left. Maybe he stayed long enough to earn enough money for train fare, but I do know he followed the love of his life to Missouri and married her on 27 October 1909.

I’d heard about Emery and his wife’s death and the loss of his children to welfare, and that maybe he had stolen one of them back. I’d been told that Gordon was Mary’s closest and favorite brother, that he died young somewhere out west, that Mary was heartbroken. I knew Uncle Jake from visits in Nebraska and my dad’s concern for him. I knew very little about Alice, no stories, nothing. I’d heard about Leo, the family rascal, and the thumb incident in California. I knew Aunt Mandy, and I’d heard stories about the murder of her daughter Geneva and children. I knew very little about Ida, until I started exchanging letters with her daughter-in-law, Jacquie Mitchell in 1998.

My mother had told me that Grandma Mary was somewhat embarrassed by some of her siblings for  their indifference to education, their poverty and lifestyle. Now that I’ve learned so much more about them in the process of writing this blog, I like them. They have come to life; I've learned their sorrows and joys.  I’ve been amazed and thrilled at all the records I’ve found about them, but I know more can still be found. Researching is like a treasure hunt.

I tried to find an easy to print descendants chart for Eli and Rachel Waggoner, but I couldn’t seem to access one that was small enough to share here, so I’ve put one together myself, including only their 9 children, 27 grandchildren, and spouses only if children are known to have been born to the marriage. If you’re confused about who is who, maybe this will help.

Eli Pierce Waggoner (1854-1925)    m. 2 Sept. 1885 in Va.   Rachel S. Havens (1862-1939)*

1. Emery Marco Waggoner (1885-1966)  1st m. 4 Jan. 1911, Wa.  Ida May Geist (1881-1913)
                        1a. John Calvin Waggoner (1911-1972)
                        1b. Ida Rachel Marie Waggoner (1913-1983)  m. 6 Oct. 1930 in Minn.  Don                                                 Ferguson (1897-1977)
            2nd m. 30 Sep 1916, Va.   Dewey Minty Petty (1897-1926)
                        2c. James William Waggoner (1917-1970) m. ??
                        2d. Nannie Elizabeth Waggoner (1919-1997) m.  ?? in Minn. Clarence O.                                                 Anderson (1907-1982)
                        2e. Lucile Virginia Waggoner (1921-    ) m. ??   Hervin S. Borstad (1916-2002)
                        2f.  Ruby Irene Waggoner (1924-1986) m. 4 Mar. 1942 in Mo.   Arthur J.                                                 Fergerson (1883-1966)
2. James Gordon Waggoner (1886-1921)  m. 26 Apr. 1915 in Id.   Ethelyn VanWert Costello                         (1880-1931)
            a. James Grady Waggoner (1918-1994) 1st m. 29 Jul 1929 in Wa.  Frances Carol                                                 Hansen (1920-1995)
                        2nd m. 15 Dec 1949 in Wa.  Barbara Elizabeth Hill (1923-1996)
3. Mary Ann Waggoner (1887-1964)   m. 27 Oct. 1909 in Mo.   Clint Troutman (1886-1949)
            a. Neville America Troutman (1910-2000) m. 1942, in Ne.  William Maxwell Lamson                                     (1907-1979)
            b. James Gordon Troutman (1911-1977) m. 29 May 1938 in Ne.  Ruth R. Schindler                                     (1906-1971)
            c. Carl Justin Troutman (1912-1995) m. 5 Jan. 1933 in SD  Dorothy M. Fleer (1916-2009)
            d. Verne Clinton Troutman (1914-1991) m. 4 May 1940 in Va. Norma Lois McIntyre                                     (1922-2008)
            e. Virginia Ovella Troutman (1916-2005) m. 27 Oct. 1946 in Ne.  Leo William Nelsen                                     (1911-2013)
4. Jacob Waggoner (1889-1957)
5. Alice Waggoner (1890-1980) m. 19 Feb. 1912 in Mo.  Herbert F. Ellington (1889-1973)
            a. Hazel F. Ellington (1913-    )  m. 29 Aug. 1939 in Mo.  Oscar W. Steele (1900-1981)
6. Unnamed Male Waggoner (1891-1891)
7. Leo Cleveland Waggoner (1893-1967)
8. Amanda Waggoner ( 1895-1970)   m. abt 1922 in Ne.   Moses Dallas Orr (1883-1946)
            a. May Orr (1923-   ?? ) m. ??
            b. Reba Lee Orr (1923-1982)  m. ??  Donald E. Torppa (??-??)
            c. James (1925-  ?? ) m. ?? in Ne.  LaVonne ??
            d. Geneva Orr (1927-1950)   m. abt 1946 in Ne.    James Lammers (1924-1952)
            e. Charles Orr (1937- ??) m. ??
9. Ida Waggoner (1897-1988)   m. 6 Dec. 1916 in Minn.    Roscoe C. Mitchell (1891-1962)
            a. Martin Marion Mitchell (1918-1930)
            b. Mona Marjorie Mitchell (1919-1983) m. 30 Sep 1936 in SD  George K. Schulze     (1906-1985)
            c. Erma Lucile Mitchell (1920- ??) m. 2 May 1939 in SD  Alfred F. Wendorf (1912-1952)
            d. Melvin D. Mitchell (1921-1991)  m. ??
            e. Leo C Mitchell (1922-2004) m. ?? Inez ??
            f. Roscoe Reeby Mitchell (1924- ??)  m. ??
            g. Harold Herman Mitchell (1928- ??)  m. ?? Jacquie ??
            h. Virgil Warner Mitchell (1929-??)  m.  ??
            i. Dallas Cletus Mitchell (1931-2013)   m. ??

*Sources for the names and dates have been recorded in previous blot posts about the people.


  1. I heappened upon your writing. My grandmother was Ida Waggoner Mitchell. my father was Leo. Married 1922 to Inez. Both have past. Roscoe was married to Irene, Irene has past, roscoe is still alive. Harold is married to Jackie, both still alive. And Virgil was married to Jean, she has past he is still alive. This is great to connect. Thank you. Debbie Mitchell Imus, tucson az

    1. Thank you for contacting me, Debbie. It's great to hear from you! Thank you for the additional information. We must keep in touch.

  2. I don't know if you have updated info for Amanda's children but I can assist you. Her son James Grady was my grandfather.

    1. Thank you, Rhonda. I have additional information since I posted this in 2014, but we should compare notes to see if you have anything I've missed. You may contact me at ztnoble (at) gmail (dot) com.