Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo of Waggoner Home at Ceres, Virginia

Pictures of home places rank almost as high in my book as pictures of the people themselves, so I was pleased when distant Waggoner cousin, Margaret Wagner Allen,[1] sent me a photo of the home that supposedly belonged to Jacob and Ann Waggoner at Ceres in Bland County Virginia. This is the home where our great-grandfather, Eli Waggoner, grew up. This photo also appears in the Adam Waggoner family history book,[2] and I have a hunch that Margaret contributed it to the book. In fact, Margaret contributed most of the information on Jacob's family for that book. She made a few mistakes, but don't we all!

It seems that there is some dispute amongst Waggoner descendants over the authenticity of this photo[3]—whether it is actually the one where the Jacob Waggoner family lived—but until anyone can prove otherwise, I’ll take Margaret’s word for it.

Home of Jacob and Anna F. Waggoner, Ceres, Bland County Virginia.
 If you look closely, you can see a horse and a man in the front yard of the house. Also, I think there are people on the backs of a couple of the horses outside the yard fence. Don't you wish we could zoom in closer?!

[1] Margaret Wagner Allen has supplied me with a lot of information on the Waggoner family. She is descended from Jacob and his second wife, Fanny, and their son Franklin Green Wagner (1877-1958). Green’s son, Ward Lincoln Wagner (1910-2004), was Margaret's father. Ward was a first cousin (half) of Grandma Mary, so Margaret was a second cousin (half) to Neville, James, Carl, Verne, and Virginia.
[2] Thomas C. Hatcher and Nancy Nash, The Adam Waggoner Family of Tazewell and Montgomery Counties Virginia, 1750-1996 (no place, no publisher, 1996), p. 32.
[3] Nancy A. Nash to Zola Troutman Noble, letter, 1 April 2003; privately held by Zola Troutman Noble, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] Anderson, Indiana.

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