Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pedigree Chart for Mary Ann Waggoner

In case you're having trouble keeping relationships straight in all that I've written so far, a visual may help you keep relationships clear. So I thought I'd add this pedigree chart for my grandmother, Mary Ann Waggoner, wife of Clint Troutman, mother of Neville, James, Carl, Verne, and Virginia, grandmother of . . . . well, there were nineteen of us.

Four Generation Pedigree Chart for Mary Ann Waggoner
As a side note, I've been to Charlotte, North Carolina, this past week with Myron. He was attending a conference for church administrators, and I explored the area while he was busy. I've never done much Troutman research because of the big book Descending Jacob's Ladder. I figured it had all been done. But lately, I've felt the need to see what I could learn on my own, so I went to the Record of Deeds building in Statesville. I was amazed at all the deeds I found regarding Jacob Troutman, our earliest Troutman ancestor born in America, and his land purchases from individuals and grants from the state of North Carolina. In addition, I found a document regarding the distribution of his property after he died. He left nearly 500 acres to each of seven children. That man owned a lot of land!

By the way, I also learned that all those records are online, so I can access them from home. If you're interested, go to Click on Online Records Search, create an account, and have at it.

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  1. What a treasure trove you've found, Zola! The stories will bring life to your family's history!

  2. This is so exciting to me! My GG Grandma as Amanda - Mary's sister.

    1. I'm so glad you found my blog, Rhonda. It's great to be contacted by readers who happen to be cousins. Thanks!